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Car trouble and a tow brought me to Honest 1. If the $490 dollar bill for a new starter wasnt bad enough, I go to leave and my car wont start. My battery was dead from trying to start the car earlier and they didn't charge it. I ended up using a jump starter so I could leave. I didnt feel confident that my car would start for me the next time i shut it off?


They are so kind and considerate


I have been a customer of Honest 1 for several years now -- we have 3 vehicles in our family that have been serviced at least once, and each instance has been outstanding! Josh and the boys do a great job communicating with me about the repair, cost, and warranty associated with the repair. If you live in the Blaine/Coon Rapids/Spring Lake Park area, I guarantee you will not find a better repair shop!


service was good,honest. My 1st time


Guys are great here. I needed some work done on my winter car and they kept me updated. Dale is a great guy.


We have used this place for years without any issues, and have spent thousands here. My husband had a oil change scheduled, and due to an accident causing terrible traffic, he was 17 minutes late. When he arrived, they said they had to cancel the appointment because he was outiside if the 15 minute window to arrive at the appointment. Seems a little ridiculous, but whatever, it is what it is, so he rescheduled it for later in the day. I showed up to that appointment, walked into the shop and was the 2nd person waiting in line. I waited for 8 minutes before anyone even walks out to help me and the other person!! That really bothered me- you rescheduled us over 2 minutes, but were ok to be in the back room talking/doing god knows what (there were 2 people in there together) and made customers wait for 8 minutes before even acknowleding us. (The other lady said she was there waiting at least 5 minutes before I walked in) I know it isn’t a lot of time, but seems so hypocritical when we were rescheduled over 2 minutes a couple hours prior that was unfortunately out of our control.


Great location, Wifi works well, and a comfortable wait for my car being fixed. The professionalism and speed of service is something that I appreciate and I will definitely come back.


GREAT service, professional and caring staff.


December 27, 2017 I took my mother's car to the "Honest-1 Auto Care: Blaine MN" location. My mother is widowed, handicapped, elderly and relies on me for help with these matters such as automotive maintenance. There was an "emissions" warning light on. I was told it would be $139 to diagnose the warning light. I thought this was rather excessive for a warning light. I am a AAA member. So instead of the light diagnosis I requested the "Free Maintenance Inspection" AAA approved auto repair facilities are supposed to provide for members unpon request. I thought that may find the issue with the warning light or at least rule out other problems. The manager, Tim DeGayner, told me "We charge $30 for that". I then read the exact wording from the AAA site stating it is FREE. "Free Maintenance Inspection — Approved Auto Repair Facilities will perform a free 40-point inspection of your vehicle upon request and provide a written recommendation of any needed maintenance or repairs." He stated they usually only do the inspection with another service like an oil change. Then he proceded to lecture me how he could not stay in business if he did work for free! Now what are the chances a 40-point inspection of a vehicle will not find any work needed? That is of course where the money is made, along with the fact the customer comes in only because they thought the establishment was reputable due being a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility. I again asked - "Are you sure you are not going to honor your AAA required free inspection." I don't recall his exact words however he was quite rude and his manner was indifferent. I'm glad I found out how dishonest this business is before I trusted them with my mother's safety. AAA website states: "AAA Approved Auto Repair Facilities not only meet AAA’s tough performance standards while providing reliable and courteous service, they are required to provide AAA members with: ... Free Maintenance Inspection..." NOTE: The next business I went to checked my battery and it was showing weak. The found corrosion on the post, cleaned them, retested the battery and it was good. The warning light went out as it can also be a charging system issue. NO CHARGE! That other business earned my business and referrals.


I have been to Honest 1 in Blaine several times and I have always been treated well and fairly.

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